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Banshee 2014

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AMP (Banshee)

Produttore: Banshee Serie: 26° Jump / 4x Tipo: Front suspended Catalogo: 2014

AMP - Banshee

Sizes Regular, Long
Light and Strong Light for quick rotations and fast starts but strong enough for the repeated landings.
Hydroformed 7005 ALtubes Gusseting formed into the tube for added strength with less weight
ISCG05 Run a chain guide
Superlow standover For tricks of course and flickability
Internal ribbed stays increased stiffness for railing burms and sticking landings.
Taper Headtube Strength and versatility to use zero stack or adjustable head angle cups
Horizontal Dropouts Dont to run single speed
Multispeed With the addition of our special hanger turn it into a 4x multispeed race machine.
Warranty 2 years [original owner]
Crash replacement Lifetime [original owner]
Weight 4.4lbs
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